Are Your Clients Ready For Energy Regulations?

Are Your Clients Ready For Energy Regulations?

In January 2019 the Greater London Authority announced that all Consultants designing new projects had to use the new CO2 emission factors. 

One of the main changes is the amount of kgCO2 per kWh electricity produces, which has been reduced by 55%. Electricity is now the lowest carbon option for heating and cooling. 

We believe, in the future, the end user will face additional taxes for energy use. To make this work, the end user will be involved in equipment selection, as it will directly affect energy consumption and bills. 

Unfortunately, for now, it is clear that there is a disconnect between many in the building services supply and the end user. This ‘shared responsibility’ leads to a lack of responsibility. There is no accountability between the supply chain and the person using the electricity. 

Until this happens, Consultants should be choosing solutions with heat recovery, reverse cycle heat pumps, true COPs, fully integrated controls, do not use gas and can be fully monitored and controlled for optimum energy use. 

The good news? We created such a product. Over 10 years ago. So fear not. Our Hybrid Integrated Solution for Fresh Air is already future-proofed. 

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