DAMVENT – new product presentation

DAMVENT – new product presentation

On the 10th of December 2009, Damvent made a presentation of a new product - VEDA Max.E-Mini. It consists of a heat recovery unit with an implemented heat pump and is an innovative solution for air processing for air flows from 1000 to 3200m3 /h. The event took place in the company’s central office showroom in Burgas, in front of a large audience, including HVAC designers and installers. 
The main accents regarding the new unit were presented: VEDA Max.E-Mini is a logical extension of VEDA Max.E, for which Damvent is an approved leader. 

The new unit comes under the lower range and processes air flows up to 3200m3 /h. VEDA Max.E-Mini is an absolutely homogeneous unit (3 in 1) and combines a heat recovery unit, a heat pump and a control system.
The components include an energy-efficiency scroll compressor (standard or digital), 3- speed fans and a high-efficiency plate heat exchanger (~65%). It operates in 4 main working modes – heating, cooling, ventilating and automation, as well as “free-cooling” optionally. 

The main advantage of VEDA Max.E-Mini in comparison with similar competitive products, is the absence of a “defrost” cycle. Thus, continuous work of the unit is provided in order to supply regular fresh air. 

The base model also includes a control system: a room thermostat with a remote control, a control board and a microprocessor. 

The presented new unit synchronizes completely with the political frame regarding the new requirements for energy efficiency. 

In the company showroom, the guests of the presentation had the possibility to see a sample of VEDA Max.EMini, as well as samples of other innovative company products. 

Some information for detailed technical data and a brochure for the unit will be provided soon.

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