New seminars in Denmark and Romania

New seminars in Denmark and Romania

At 17,18 and 19th of May in different cities in Danmark (Copenhagen, Odense and Aarhus), Damvent  made a series of specialized seminars. The main aim, was the presentation of our second generation “e-conomizers”- . 
The people attended at the seminar, represented a wide range of specialists from the HVAC branch- designers, installing companies, energy consultants, service specialists. At our events were presented specialists from companies-competitors of DamVent of the local market as Dantherm Air-Handling and Exhausto as well. 

This fact only proves the serious interest to us and our complex solutions for ventilation and air-conditioning, recovering up to 100% the extract heat, using “2 stage heat recovery” technology. 

Thus we put the beginning of our Marketing activity in Danmark, and evenmore we have planned to organize such events 2-4 times/year in each country, where DamVent has its own representatives.

In confirmation to the above statement, similar seminar was held on the 17th June in Constanta in Romania from eng. Razvan Bratu- our sales rep. for the Romanian market. Forthcoming seminars in Brasov and Timisoara are going to be organized and the dates will be announced in a short time.

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