Unique DamVent max.e2 AHU for the first clean room in Sri Lanka

Unique DamVent max.e2 AHU for the first clean room in Sri Lanka

Yet again, DamVent Ltd reached and exceeded with the production of a unique AHU, custom made for the National Blood Centre of Sri Lanka in Colombo. The AHU was designated for the first clean room in Sri Lanka.

DamVent  Ltd. together with our partner in this endeavor the Dutch company Telstar had to create an unique air handling unit that had to work in extreme outside conditions, namely 380 C and 95% RH, and maintain in the clean room constant temperature and relative humidity: 240C , 50% RH, with high level of filtration-G4, F7, F9 and HEPA filters in the clean room outlets.

This AHU is from the second generation of our successful e-conomizers-max.e2 max.e2 DH 18 (18 000m3/h). The most unique feature of the machine is that it is one-piece and this meant that it had to be transported and packaged in a special way. It was packaged in a specially made heavy duty PVC cover that needed to withstand the long journey from Bulgaria to Sri Lanka. The e-conimizer was transported on a special truck from our plant to Port of Burgas and then on a ship to Sri Lanka.  The e-conomizer was successfully installed and commissioned by our engineers at the National Blood Centre in Colombo in the end  of 2015.

It’s almost a year now and the e-conomizer has been working flawlessly in these severe conditions which is an indisputable evidence for our expertise and craftsmanship.  

DamVent  Ltd is always ready to take on new challenges when it comes to supplying fresh air, anywhere and anytime, as we always strive to reach and exceed.  

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