We at Damvent don't follow the standards, we set up the standards. As a company, as a manufacturer and The Leader in the premium hybrid integrated solutions for fresh air in EU, we are familiar with all standards related to our solutions. They are many, but unforunately none of them fully describes the requirements and performance for such units, only partially. This is the reason why we have described all standards summarized in our 4pcs. CE declarations of conformity. Some of them:

       - 2014/35/EU - Low Voltage Directive
       - 2006/ 42/EC - Machinery Directive
       - 2014/ 30/EU - Electromagnetic Compability Directive
       - 97/23/CE - PED (Category II, Module A1)

Including all Harmonized Standards and Other applied Stanards and technical specifications EN378-1 for Refrigeration systems and heat pumps - Safety and enviromental requirements part 1 Directive 2009/125/EC - Ecodesign requirements for air heating, air cooling products etc.
Another hot topic for us and our customers is Eurovent certification. As for now Eurovent does not have an established and dedicated certification program that certifies and tests such hybrids as our max.e. None the less, we as a manufacturer fulfill the requirements of Eurovent for such a certificate, which are main to the components like coils, rotary heat exchangers and filters are Eurovent certified and in the same time we have specialized software for such units.
The position of The Leader and the will to show we are truly N1 have pushed us to develop by ourselves the ultimate factory tests, proving the performance of each single unit by covering testing more parameters, than in laboratory.
But the most important is the comparison between the theoretical performance in the selection software printout and the real measured values.